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Mileston 1/3 Group Suite reached 2024/02/16

Bookacamp has been working for many months on the features that need to be available for booking and managing entire groups. It's not just about accepting a reservation by email, but also about making a group booking binding. With everything included.

We have divided the project into three parts, whereby the large base - and this is also the reason for the long development period - is necessary for all three milestones and requires completely new room and capacity management. All of this is seamlessly integrated during ongoing operations.

Milestone 1 - non-binding reservation request

We have provided newgroup registration formsbecause when booking entire groups, the arrival and departure dates are not known and must be selected. Whether a travel period is free is calculated live based on the group size and stored capacities. The first use case with which we will test and improve these systems in the real world is the business of arranging group trips and school trips as agent. We are very excited that these features will be used by one of our long-term partners very soon.

Screenshot Ressource Scheduler

Milestone 2 - binding booking

A binding booking includes the management of customer data, offer documents, flexible invoicing and room planning. The central element of the planning is the so-called Resource Scheduler, a calendar-like tool for overviewing your own workload.

Screenshot Resource Scheduler

Milestone 3 - PMS Property Management

Based on all other functions, we are expanding group management to include those features that are necessary for managing the entire house. This includes logins and overviews for kitchen planning and housekeeping, the integration of quotation creation for bus transfer providers and material and resource planning for everything movable, such as technology for seminar rooms, instruments and also the planning of rooms that are not intended for the accommodation of guests.

If this has made you curious and you would like to get a taste of these tools, please contact and we will arrange an appointment.

Author: Mathias Methner

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