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Meet Bookacamp on the Youth Travel congress 2022 in Bischofsgrün 2022/04/11

On November 17, this year's Youth Travel Congress will take place at the BSLV Sportcamp Nordbayern in Bischofsgrün. The congress is a great opportunity to (re)meet familiar faces from the branch and to make new contacts. Besides the lecture program there is enough opportunity to network and especially the evening events are an important opportunity for us to get into conversation.

This year Bookacamp as one of the representatives of digital solution providers will use the knowledge from 7 years in the youth travel industry to talk to you about where things are really going smoothly and where we still need solutions for our core business - vacations and care for children and young people. The workshop I printed the emails will take place from 15:50 till 16:50. On site will be Mathias Methner - software developer and founder of Bookacamp - and Mathias Ralf Enderlein, who takes care of everything but programming at Bookacamp and has seen many transformations in his 18 years in the scene.

Those who have a tight schedule are welcome to make an appointment with us starting now. We will be on site from 16 November in the afternoon.

Author: Mathias Methner

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