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Bookacamp releases new questionnaire system 2022/05/16

Feature Overview

When Bookacamp started in 2015, the questionnaire system was already an integral part of the functionality. The system is used to define questions about health, social behavior or the motivation of travel participants. The catalog of questions was constantly being expanded, for example with specific questions about sport or for special needs for people with assistance needs.

With the increasing number of daily users, it became clear that the flexibility of the system no longer met the company's own high requirements. All Bookacamp users have already been automatically migrated to the new version and thus benefit from the improved options without any additional effort.

  1. The system now generally distinguishes between a questionnaire for minors and adults.
  2. The default questionnaire is set centrally in the account settings, but can also be deactivated there. If a special questionnaire is required for a camp, for example because the level of knowledge for the language knowledge is to be queried, this can be done for each camp and thus overwrites the default setting. Another example is the difference between day camp and overnight camp.
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  3. A new administration interface allows you to define questions using drag-and-drop. Each question can be defined as a mandatory field. The headings and help texts can be freely changed.
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Future development

The current beta phase is used to respond to user feedback and to adjust small things. The system is then expanded further.

  1. Although it is currently possible to change the order of the questions in the questionnaire, the actual questionnaire does not yet react to this setting.
  2. Bookacamp will offer controls to use headings, text and page breakers.
  3. The feature for requesting data during the booking process, currently referred to as consent, is integrated directly into the questionnaire as free questions and thus allows any content to be entered during the booking process or in the questionnaire.

Author: Mathias Methner

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